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Cannabbis Seeds


Cannabis, also known as marijuana or hemp, is a plant that contains psychoactive substances, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These substances have effects on the central nervous system and can have a variety of effects on the body, including relaxation, euphoria, pain relief and appetite stimulation.

The quality assurance source provides an insight into the various forms of application of medicinal cannabis. These range from oral dosage forms such as drops and capsules to the inhalation of vaporized flowers and the preparation of cannabis as tea or edibles, such as cookies or brownies. Each form of application has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as different onset times and durations of effect.

It is emphasized that the use of medicinal cannabis is strictly regulated in Germany and is usually carried out under medical supervision. It also points out that cannabis can be considered both as a medicine to alleviate symptoms and as a drug, depending on the type of use and dosage.

The source also highlights that controlled dosing can be difficult when using edibles, as the effects are delayed and overdoses can easily occur. It is recommended that patients using medical cannabis consult closely with their doctors to find the form of use and dosage that is right for them.

Overall, the resource provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of using medicinal cannabis and emphasizes the importance of careful medical supervision when using this medicine.



Questions and answers on the Cannabis Act

The Cannabis Act (CanG for short) legalizes private cultivation by adults for their own use as well as the communal, non-commercial cultivation of cannabis in cultivation associations. This fundamental decision is set out in the key issues paper of April 12, 2023 for a 2-pillar model for the controlled supply of recreational cannabis to adults.

What and how much can be grown privately?

Adults may grow up to three cannabis plants at a time for personal consumption. All cannabis or industrial hemp plants in excess of a total of three must be destroyed immediately and completely. An adult person may possess a total of 50 g of dried cannabis for personal consumption at their place of residence.


How do I obtain cannabis seeds for private cultivation?

Cannabis seeds may be imported from EU member states for the purpose of private home cultivation. Acquisition via the internet or distance selling and shipping to Germany is permitted. In addition, up to seven cannabis seeds or five cuttings per month may be passed on by growers' associations to non-members of legal age for the purpose of private home cultivation, provided that the cannabis seeds and cuttings were produced in the course of communal home cultivation. In the case of a mixed transfer of seeds and cuttings, a maximum total of 5 seeds and cuttings may be transferred. In this case, non-members must reimburse the cultivation association for the costs incurred for the production of the cannabis seeds or cuttings passed on.



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